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About Us

The IsarNet Software Solutions GmbH develops and markets ground-breaking networking software solutions. Its mother company IsarNet AG, established in 1999, is well known for professional, creative and economic solutions in all areas of networking business.

IsarNet is developing and marketing its product IsarFlow since 2001.

IsarFlow is a monitoring solution for enterprise and service provider networks. Based on NetFlow and SNMP data, it provides valuable information about network load, compliance with IP Service Level Agreements and detailed analysis of traffic flows and Quality of Service.

IsarFlow emerged from a customer project in 2001 and is subject to continuous enhancement. Our highly qualified employees are well experienced in software development as well as network engineering, evidenced by a considerable quantity of certifications. The engineers are able to analyze individual requests and requirements for the potential of future trends to benefit all our customers.

Our philosophy is to support the efficiency and competitiveness of our customers throughout the digital age.