Our Know How in Your Network



The capabilities of IsarFlow go beyond the features of other products and allow detailed analysis of your network.

In addition, you define your desired range of functions because IsarFlow is structured in individually licensable modules.

IsarFlow intelligently concatenates the aspects of various analyses and provides an extensive general view:

Netflow-Analyses: Graphical and tabular overview of Netflow-data, transparency of traffic flows in your network and classification by source and destination IPs and originating applications

SNMP-Analyses: All functionality of a classic SNMP management tool

IPSLA-Management: Comfortable and efficient monitoring of business-critical parameters in your network

cbQoS-Analyses (Class based Quality of Service): Intelligent connection of Netflow-data with information retrieved from SNMP-QoS-MIB-queries and detailed analysis and classification of traffic flows by QoS-values, i.e. ToS-Byte and DSCP

Billing & Accounting: Costs-by-cause principle for network traffic, i.e. billing per customer, subnet or server

Full integration enables real-time capability for any analysis and creates the opportunity to monitor data of various sources using only one threshold definition. Its violation triggers further actions, including alert emails and automated reports.

In addition, the integration ensures the real-time-capabilities of all analyses.