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High Availability

HA DE 330 01

To achieve high quality IP-Accounting and Billing standards, a complete collection of all Netflow data is inevitable. In order to obtain optimal results, IsarFlow offers a high availability option, which reduces the risk of loss of accounting data to a minimum.

Apart from the physical interface IP addresses, every redundant pair of analyzers is configured with extra virtual IP addresses. One of the analyzers is the active component for one of the virtual IP Addresses, the other for the second virtual IP Address. The router’s Netflow export sends the data to precisely one of the virtual IP Addresses. The correct configuration of the routers’ export IP Addresses enables the load distribution of Netflow exports to both redundant Netflow Analyzers.

Every one of both analyzers’ redundant pairs monitors the availability of the active virtual IP Address of its partner. Should the partner fail, the remaining analyzer automatically activates its own virtual IP Address. This means that it remains the only active export destination for all routers in this redundancy group.

An adequate architecture/sizing for all systems is essential in order to avoid an overload of the remaining analyzer in the redundancy scenario. For very large and complex networks, multiple instances of this High-Availability solution can be implemented. The IsarFlow portal is optimized for multiple and single instances of the High-Availability solution.